Salvia Apiana –
White Grandfather Sage

The White Magix Cottage was inspired by the spirit of White Grandfather Sage (Salvia Apiana) which has always been used for Smudging which means to cleanse.  White Grandfather Sage is used in Rituals, Ceremonies, Mediation,  Homes, Sites, oneself and others to cleanse from negative energies.  However this plant has many other properties and uses.  Over my life I have always burnt The White Grandfather Sage for Cleansing and worked with the distilling of the oil from the plant to be able to create beautiful products that can be used in your daily life .

It is my intention to provide you with therapeutic creative Workshops, Programs & Respite for all people from all cultural backgrounds to support each individual to find the part in themselves that is creative in any environment.


Thank you ❤

Carmen G Mendoza