The White Magix Cottage is an approved registered NDIS provider and we specialise in supporting people with special needs in all of our services.  One on One individual support or small Group support offered.

Bringing many years of experience in supporting people with special needs we can tailor any of our services for your needs including Respite services and Retreats in a beautiful environment at Terara Magix House.

Please contact me to make a time for you to visit TWMC and talk to me about our services.

TWMC is registered and approved for the following registration groups:

  • Assist Personal Activities
  • Assist Life Stage Transition
  • Daily Tasks/Shared Living
  • Developtment-Life SKills
  • Group/Centre Activities
  • Paticipate Community
  • Personal Activities High
  • Accomodation & Tenancy


Mission statement

The mission of TWMC is to empower peoples with Special Needs to express their independence and creativity through skill development and community inclusion in safe and supportive environments.

At TWMC, we provide a safe haven for people with Special Needs to explore their own self-expression, free choice, independence and creativity.

TWMC is a place for everyone. We welcome all people with Special Needs as valued and respected members of the community, regardless of your mental, physical, cultural, economic or social status.

TWMC promotes the connection of people with Special Needs with their families, friends and chosen communities. TWMC loves to support people with Special Needs to be active members of society, taking part in events and activities out in the world. Daily excursions are just part of what we do, as we also set up time to explore creativity with arts, crafting, outdoor activities and so much more.

Always remember, when you are working with us, TWMC loves to get feedback! Anything you feel you need to share in relation to activities and services, in what we have done or what you would like to do – always feel free to communicate to us. We regularly take time to review our past work, and any other work you have done with other providers, so that we can always know how you are going, and how we can stay on track towards your goals together.

This is about you! Creating a space for you to find your own freedom and independence, and be able to speak up, and know that we will listen.

Simple Version of Standards:

Appendix 2 Click to view a full version of Standards: