The Work Shop

Our Work Shop is unique in every sense. All our products are handmade using natural resources and 100% organic.

We have a beautiful range of products and everything in our Work Shop can be made to order giving you the opportunity to use your own personal materials such as feathers for a dream catcher or hanger, a special picture for a frame, crystals for jewellery or hide for a drum.  The options are limitless so you can be creative personalising your gifts or you can choose from what we have ready and available made by us.

We have a beautiful range of products in our shop which is open at your request by simply calling me on 0400374171 to make a time.  We are working on an ONLINE STORE at the moment and it will be up and working soon however we can mail you any of our products now so give me a call to place an order if you can’t get to our Shop.

We stock all your Aromatherapy needs including bottles, books, carrier oils and more.


Made to order gift baskets for any special occasion.  You can include anything from our range of products to fill your gift basket.  We offer traditional cane baskets or clay baskets if you are looking for something really different.

Various Art

We use water colour paints, acrylic paints, plaster, clay, crystals, wool, kangaroo hide, wood, recycled materials and various natural resources such as sea shells, sand, plants, feathers, stones, sticks, leaves, beads, material and much more to exploring a vast variety of creative art forms in our products.

Dream Catchers

It is believed that dreams are messages from the spirit world and that the night air is filled with dreams both good and bad. The Dream Catcher is to be hung over or near your bed and they are said to catch the dreams as they flow by. The bad dreams get tangled in the Dream Catcher and perish with the first light of the new day. The good dreams know how to pass and slide down the soft feathers to the dreamer. Each Dream Catcher is unique and hand crafted using wooden hoops, natural feathers, leather and various beads.

White Grandfather Sage (Salvia Apiana)

White Grandfather Sage is used for smudging which means to cleanse.  This herb is used in ritual, ceremony, Sweat Lodges, healing and Shamanic work.  We work with this beautiful herb in many ways such as smudge sticks for smudging oneself or your home, aromatherapy sprays, massage oils, heat bags and more.

Candles and Melts

We use 100% Eco Soy wax in all our beautiful candles and melts.  The wax is one of the very best and it is environmentally friendly, cleansing and purifying the air as it burns. We hand pour various candles and melts in different shapes and sizes using various aromas to cater for all tastes.  From seashells to jar candles.  Coconut Cream is a favourite though the Australian Bush Essences are a must to try.

Shamanic Rattles


The Rattle represents a union with the earth and sky. Rattles are one of the most ancient of musical instruments.  The mood of a rattle can vary considerably from the sound of soft gentle rain to the angry buzz of a rattle snake. The Spirit meaning of the contents in the Rattle are important for the healing process so the contents used in the rattle determines the sound and purpose of use so therefore these are made to order only using your medicine gatherings.