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Meditation Programs

Shamanic Hand Drum Making Workshops

Dreamcatcher Workshop

Essential Oils Workshops

Workshops are completed on a time frame so that the participant knows how long the process will take. Workshops can last a few hours during a day or a few days.

Programs are on an ongoing basis so there is no time limit.

All Workshops and Programs can be for individuals or in your own group setting.

Please contact me to tailor a Workshop or Program for your individual or group request.

Meditation Programs

Learn how to relax, reduce stress and use mediation to improve your health and happiness.

These Meditation classes are suitable for beginners, intermediate levels and people wanting to return to meditation. Our meditation styles are non-religious and suitable for people from all cultural backgrounds.

During Basic Meditation classes, students learn about the cause and effect of stress, basic breathing techniques, meditation for muscle relaxation and guided visualisation meditation.  You will also explore affirmations in Meditation, Zen Meditation and Mindfulness Meditation.

Pottery Workshops 

Shamanic Hand Drums Workshops 

Drum making is an act of creation. The bringing to life of an instrument of prayer.
A drum is a medicine tool from our hearts, with our hands, for the earth. A drum helps us to connect to the heartbeat of Mother Earth.

It is a means of healing and awakening ourselves and others as we drum. The drum beat represents the creative power in all things including the power to change. A drum is a voice. A voice that is a gift to us.

The human mind fixates upon the monotonous and repetitiveness. Constant drum rhythms used in Meditation, Chanting, Shamanic Journeys or Shamanic Trance Music have a direct effect upon the brain function and mood of the involved listener. This allows the expression of one’s own uniqueness and to create a relationship with the Spirit of the drum.

Spend time making your own traditional Shamanic Hand Drum. Bring an open heart and a clear intention for your creation. We use Kangaroo hide and natural wood.

DreamCatchers and SunCatchers Workshops 

Using crystals, beads, feathers and other materials, we can show you how to make your own beautiful SunCatchers or DreamCatchers.


Using different forms of painting we can support you to create various art works using various materials such as paints, texture and natural resources.

Herbs, Plants and Essential Oils

We explore working with various plants, essential oils and herbs at The White Magix Cottage and utilise them in lots of ways. We can create beautiful packaging bottles for the oils. White Grandfather Sage aka Salvia Apiana is the main plant that we use in our products though we also use many other essential oils in our Aromatherapy Roller Blends, massage oil and mist sprays.   We can make heat bags, burners, smudge sticks, teas, natural creams, lip balms, soaps, bathbombs, oil blends and so much more.  It’s endless.

Recycled Art

Using anything and everything we are able to get creative and make anything and everything together.  It’s fun and it’s exciting to see what results can be achieved when allowing our creative intuition to take place exploring art.