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Holistic Counselling
Aromatouch Technique
Chair Yoga
Meditation Course
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All Services and Courses are available to everyone. For those who do require extra support we can tailor each Service for your individual needs so that you get full benefits at your pace and for your ability.


Holistic Counselling



The provision of Holistic Counselling is intended as a tool to assist you towards your own ultimate goals. It does in no way replace or is a substitute for professional medical or psychological assistance.
The role of the Holistic Counsellor is to assist the individual to bring balance into your whole life and ensure the person is in touch with their own needs on a holistic level – typically the mind, body and spirit.

Learn many tools for positive thinking and stress management through these sessions as well as skills to embark on a journey of self discovery.

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Aromatouch Massage Technique







The Aromatouch Technique was developed by Doctor David K. Hill, a leading expert on the use of essential oils for medicinal benefits. To develop the technique Doctor Hill drew on his training as a physician and his understanding of essential oil science. Recognizing that there are common factors at the foundation of illness in the body, the Aromatouch Technique was developed to manage our health.
Essential oils contain many different healing properties, each oil used in the AromaTouch Technique has been selected speciafically for its individual therapeutic benefit and aroma.

AromaTouch will enhance essential oil activity and stimulate known body meridians and energy zones while balancing body systems and function.
Aromatouch is an application technique using 8 Essential Oils.

Incorporating Aromatouch Technique into your health philosophy, you can enhance the benefits addressing whole body needs and creating overall systemic benefits.




Chair Yoga


Your own Group or Individual one on one classes are available to suit you.

Chair Yoga is suitable for people with limited mobility, living in wheelchairs and for those who find conventional floor yoga too difficult or have balance issues. Chair Yoga is gentle and offers most of the same benefits of other Yoga styles. Some of the benefits you can experience from learning and regularly practicing yoga include:
• Lower blood pressure
• Better circulation
• Better breathing
• Improved muscle and joint flexibility
• Improved physical strength
• Better eye-hand coordination
• Greater dexterity
• Reaction time improves
• Posture improves
• Strength and resiliency increase
• Physical endurance increases
• Energy level increases
• Weight normalizes
• Sleep improves • Immunity increases
• Pain decreases
• Steadiness and balance improves
• Depth perception improves
• Mood improves
• Self-acceptance and self-actualisation increase
• Social adjustment increases
• Anxiety and depression decrease
• Concentration improves
• Memory improves
• Attention improves
• Learning ability improves
• Attention span improves

Example link of Chair Yoga exercises:

Chair Yoga Surya Namaskar practice



Meditation Course







Learn how to relax, reduce stress and use mediation to improve your health and happiness.

These Meditation classes are suitable for beginners, intermediate levels and people wanting to return to meditation. Our meditation styles are non-religious and suitable for people from all cultural backgrounds.

During Basic Meditation classes, students learn about the cause and effect of stress, basic breathing techniques, meditation for muscle relaxation and guided visualisation meditation.  You will also explore affirmations in Meditation, Zen Meditation and Mindfulness Meditation.

Below are options on how this course can be taken:

–   7 x 1.5 hour classes

–   1 x 6 hour classes

–   2 x 4 hour classes with the option of over night stay at TWMC incorporating our programs.

In the mean time a tip link:

Tips for quietening the mind




Stress Management & Personal Development Course



This course is non-religious and suitable for people from all cultural backgrounds.

During the STRESS MANAGEMENT & SELF DEVELOPMENT course students learn about the causes and effects of stress, basic breathing techniques, meditation for muscle relaxation and guided visualisation meditation. They will also explore affirmations, Zen Meditation and Mindfulness Meditation.

By the end of this course you will have had the opportunity to explore many different meditation styles and have embarked on a very rewarding course of self discovery.

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